CrewLounge (all versions) Privacy Policy

Use of Personal Information

We believe in importance of protecting your privacy, therefore we will never share your Personal Information with third parties. The user can be confident that all information stored on the application is encrypted to the highest standards to maintain your privacy. We will never ask a user for personal information at any time whether by e-mail or phone if user is contacting us, or we are contacting user to provide support or for any other reason.

Enjoy using CrewLounge safely...


CrewLounge (all versions) TERMS OF USE

 For features that require data retrieval CrewLounge offers an in app subscription to data services for $4.99 per month. This subscription enables all features within the program that requires data access. If user chooses to subscribe the subscription will last for 30 days and automatically renew every month until the user decides to cancel the subscription. Cancellation instructions can be found in the app's manual button on the main screen. User can cancel at any time. User will confirm they are authorized to access these services by agreeing to the terms of use in the program. While using this program and related services user must conform to all requirements and agreements they are responsible for. Users agree that they will keep their confidential information confidential at all times and understand that this program is only for my personal use and will not allow unauthorized use. User understands that by agreeing to accept these terms that they are responsible for the proper use of the program. User also understand that this is a privately developed application intended to facilitate users use of transactions already available to user on-line. User agrees to use this application responsibly and in a manner fully conforming to any and all on-line access user has with employer. If at any time user feels he/she is not conforming to these agreements, user agrees to immediately discontinue the use of this application and delete it from users device. User agrees to be the sole responsible party while using this application and will not hold liable the developer, whether directly or indirectly, for any consequential use on users part. User agrees not make any attempt to decompile or reverse engineer the program code in this application program, or use it in any way other way other than those agreed to in these terms of use. (American Airlines is a registered trademark of AMR Corp) Users must be American Airlines Employees and authorized users of the on-line services they access through the program. User understands that If User has any questions, concerns, or wish to contact the developer in any way User is able to communicate with the developer via email at