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CrewLounge PRO v15

The best CrewLounge ever!!! Now with Face ID/Touch ID

Plus many many more features. New features for FAs scroll down for full details.


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I have CrewLounge V4 do I need CrewLounge PRO?

Yes if you want to continue using data and the new added features included in the PRO version for FAs you need to Upgrade to CrewLounge PRO ver 15. CrewLounge 4.0 (and earlier versions) has been discontinued and will no longer be supported or updated because it is no longer compatible with these services. You must have iOS 12 installed to use CrewLounge PRO. .


How do I install CrewLounge PRO and can I have it installed on both my iPhone AND iPad and still pay only 1 subscription fee?

Yes you pay only 1 subscription fee for any of the two devices you use. To install CrewLounge PRO v15 on two devices first purchase one on one device and install it and subscribe to the service. Then on your other device go to the App Store and search for CrewLounge again and instead of seeing a BUY button you will see a small download cloud next to the icon, press it to download and install CrewLounge PRO v15 on your second device. Open CrewLounge PRO v9 on your second device and set it up, then click on the ACCT button on the top right. Once the subscription screen appears, press the RESTORE button on the upper right and your initial subscription will be installed on your second device. You will only be charged 1 monthly fee while using both devices. You can click on the following link from your device to install CrewLounge PRO. Click on this link directly from your device. Be sure to first DELETE your older non-working version of CrewLounge  first by pressing and holding the icon until it wiggles and when you see the X press it. Its very important that if you check your devices settings and make sure your apple id is correct on both machines before installing. You can check your apple id by going to settings on your phone or iPad then scroll down to iTunes & App Store and click it, you will find it there.


How does the subscription work and can I cancel it?
The subscription is an auto-renewing subscription for your convenience. Apple will charge the 4.99 fee once a month until you decide to cancel. There is no minimum number of months (no term required) so you can cancel at any time. Apple charges the credit card associated with your Apple ID. When you purchase an application from Apple it associates that app with the Apple ID you used to purchase it. If you want to use that app on another one of your devices, it must contain the same Apple ID you originally used to purchase the app. If you have two Apple IDs and try install the app on your second device that does not have the original Apple ID you used to purchase the app you will be charged twice, so be very careful if you have two apple IDs you can only use 1 of them.


How do I cancel my monthly subscription?
Simple, just go to settings on your device, then -> iTunes & App Stores -> Click on your Apple ID -> Select "View Apple ID" -> Sign In -> Choose "Subscriptions"  and you will be able to manage your CrewLounge PRO subscription there including canceling it. Once you cancel it, Apple will no longer charge you a monthly subscription, and you will still have access to data functions until the end of your current month's subscription.


Where can I get more information?
The best way is to join the facebook users group using the above link. There are over 2,000 members that support CrewLounge and its development there but you must ask to join as it is a closed group. Just click the facebook link above. You can always email us at the above support email address as well.


Enjoy the new CrewLounge PRO version 15